Last Updated: Dec 21, 2016

Student Personal Information

Schools routinely collect, use and release student personal information in keeping with the Education Act and other laws.

All activities, programs and technologies that collect, use or release student personal information are assessed to ensure student privacy is protected. To provide students with Board-sanctioned educational services and programs, schools will use your child’s information to:

  •  • Administer events such as commencement, assemblies and science fairs.
  •  • Support school and student safety and administer a safe arrival and departure program.
  •  • Facilitate student use of video conferencing and similar educational tools.
  •  • Recognize student achievement by communicating within the school community.
  •  • Develop and use teaching materials, including teaching videos.

Student information may be released, consistent with the purpose of the original collection or required by law, to:

  •  • The Ministry of Education to support its policies and programs
  •  • Transportation providers to administer transportation services
  •  • Commercial photographers to take class and individual photos
  •  • Outside researchers, where approved by the Board
  •  • The school community by publishing non-sensitive information in yearbooks
  •  • Insurers to make insurance claims, administer insurance coverage
  •  • Probation officers
  •  • College and university application centers to assist student application process
  •  • Child and family services agencies
  •  • The Medical Officer of Health
  •  • Other school boards (e.g. for student transfers)

Your express consent will be sought for the following disclosures of personal information:

  •  • For individual student interviews by media
  •  • To school councils
  •  • To the general public (e.g. displays at public libraries that identify students)
  •  • To lawyers and other representatives of parents/guardians
  •  • To health service providers working outside of a student’s school
  •  • To the Athletic Associations
  •  • Electronic newsletters

Please note that these are not exhaustive lists.

Please respect the privacy rights of friends, neighbours and colleagues if you record or photograph personal information at school events. Please refrain from publicly posting images and information of others on social media without their permission.

For more information, see:

  •  • The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) which establishes rules ensuring safe and secure information management practices.
  •  • Board Policy and Procedure 307 Freedom of Information and Privacy
  •  • Full Notice of Collection, Use and Disclosure on

For questions or concerns around Freedom of Information and Privacy in the UCDSB, please contact:

Hilary Close, Information & Records Management Specialist
225 Central Ave West, Brockville, ON, K6V 5X1 Phone: (613) 342-0371 ext 1396

How to make a Freedom of Information Request

The Board’s Policies and Procedures regarding privacy and freedom of information: